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Edoardo Airoldi

Associate Professor of Statistics, Harvard University (Department of Statistics)
Associate Faculty Member, The Broad Insititute of MIT & Harvard
The Airoldi lab develops and applies statistical methodology and algorithms that enable new lines of inquiry in systems biology and integrative genomics. The... Read more about Edoardo Airoldi
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Ariel Amir

Assistant Professor, Harvard University (Applied Mathematics, School of Engineering & Applied Sciences)
The Amir lab centers research on the theory of complex systems, which he applies to problems from physics, materials science, and living organisms, often in... Read more about Ariel Amir
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Ramy Arnoaut

Assistant Professor, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (Department of Pathology)
Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School (Department of Systems Biology)
Associate Director, Cilnical Microbiology Laboraties at BIDMC
The Arnoaut lab has two complementary areas of expertise: (1) systems immunology and (2) systems medicine. They have in common the use of big-data analytical... Read more about Ramy Arnoaut
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Michael Baym

Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School (Department of Biomedical Informatics)
Member, Laboratory of Systems Pharmacology
The Baym lab studies microbial evolution at the intersection of experimental, theoretical and computational techniques. Antibiotic resistance, in addition to... Read more about Michael Baym
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Michael Brenner

Glover Professor of Applied Mathematics and Applied Physics, Harvard University (School of Engineering & Applied Sciences, Kavli Insitute for Bionano Science and Technology)
Harvard College Professor
The Brenner lab uses methods and ideas of applied mathematics to address problems in science and engineering. Researchers are first and foremost problem... Read more about Michael Brenner
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Caroline Buckee

Associate Professor, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (Department of Epidemiology)
Associate Director, Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics
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Benjamin de Bivort

Thomas D. Cabot Associate Professor, Harvard University (Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology)
The goal of the de Bivort lab is to understand the neurobiological mechanisms of ecologically and evolutionarily relevant behaviors using techniques drawn from... Read more about Benjamin de Bivort
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Michael Desai

Professor, Harvard University (Department of Organismic & Evolutionary Biology)
Professor of Physics, Harvard University (Department of Physics)
Member, FAS Center for Systems Biology
Natural selection and other evolutionary forces leave characteristic signatures in the genetic variation within populations. The Desai lab uses a combination... Read more about Michael Desai
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Francis J. Doyle III

John A. and Elizabeth S. Armstrong Professor, Harvard University (School of Engineering & Applied Sciences)
Dean, Harvard University (School of Engineering & Applied Sciences)
With a background in traditional process control, the Doyle lab is focused on biosystems analysis and control, with an eye to both unraveling the complex... Read more about Francis J. Doyle III
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Sean Eddy

Professor of Molecular & Cellular Biology and Applied Mathematics, Harvard University (Department of Molecular & Cellular Biology, School of Engineering & Applied Sciences)
The Eddy lab is interested in deciphering the evolutionary history of life by comparative analysis of genome sequences. The group develops computational... Read more about Sean Eddy
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Scott Edwards

Professor, Harvard University (Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology)
Curator of Ornithology, Museum of Comparative Zoology
Alexander Agassiz Professor, Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology
Many of the research questions of the Edwards group, both ecologically-oriented and molecular work, are motivated by natural history observations. Genomics and... Read more about Scott Edwards
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Georg Gerber

Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School (Department of Pathology);
Co-Director, Massachusetts Host-Microbiome Center
Associate Pathologist, Brigham & Women's Hospital Center for Advanced Molecular Diagnostics (Department of Pathology)
The objective of the Gerber lab is to create novel computational models and high-throughput experimental systems to understand the role of the microbiota in... Read more about Georg Gerber
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Ary Goldberger

Professor, Harvard Medical School (Margret & H.A. Rey Institute for Nonlinear Dynamics in Medicine)
Program Director, Research Resource for Complex Physiologic Signals
Core Member, Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University
Major research projects that are under active investigation in the ReyLab focus on finding hidden information in complex physiologic dynamics. Over the past... Read more about Ary Goldberger