Other seminars of interest


MIT Biophysics Seminars

Broad Institute's Models, Inference & Algorithms

Harvard Systems Biology Theory Lunch

Harvard Quantitative Biology chalk talks


Graduate programs for aspiring mathematical biologists


Harvard GSAS Biophysics

Harvard GSAS Systems Biology

Harvard SEAS Applied Mathematics

Harvard SPH Population Health Sciences

Harvard SPH Concentration in Infectious Disease Epidemiology

Harvard HMS Bioinformatics & Genomics

MIT Computational & Systems Biology


Mathematical biology courses at Harvard and MIT



APMTH 115: Mathematical Modeling

LIFESCI 50A/B - Integrated Science

Math 153: Mathematical Biology - Evolutionary Dynamics

Math 243: Evolutionary Dynamics

MCB 196: Foundations of Systems Biology & Biological Engineering

MCB 198 - Advanced Mathematical Techniques for Modern Biology

MCB 111 - Mathematics in Biology 

OEB 242 - Population Genetics

OEB 252 - Coalescent Theory

Physics 140 - Introduction to the Physics of living Systems

SYSBIO 200: Dynamic & Stochastic Processes in Cells

MED-SCI 210 - Intro to Matlab, Statistics, and Dynamical Systems for Mathematical Biology in Pharma and Biotech 


1.021: Introduction to Modeling and Simulation

5.64: Frontiers of Interdisciplinary Science in Human Health and Disease

6.047: Computational Biology: Genomes, Networks, Evolution

6.874: Computational Systems Biology

6.878: Advanced Computational Biology: Genomes, Networks, Evolution

7.09: Quantitative and Computational Biology

7.440: Introduction to Mathematical Ecology

7.57: Quantitative Biology for Graduate Students

10.997: Theoretical and Computational Immunology Seminar

18.354: Nonlinear Dynamics: Continuum Systems

20.390: Foundations of Computational and Systems Biology

20.440: Analysis of Biological Networks


Mathematical biology conferences


Society for Mathematical Biology Annual Meetings

Winter Q-Bio


Mathematical biology funding opportunities


NSF Mathematical Biology Program

Joint NSF/NIH Initiative to Support Research at the Interface of the Biological and Mathematical Sciences

Simons Foundation: Mathematical Modeling of Living Systems

James S McDonnell Foundation: Understanding Dynamic & Multi-Scale Systems




National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis

Mathematical Biosciences Institute